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About This Leading Entertainment & Lifestyle Public Relations Firm

Founder Chet Mehta and his team bring over twenty years of experience to PR DEPT, a leading entertainment and lifestyle boutique pr firm located in Los Angeles known for executing creative and meaningful publicity campaigns for a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle brands and organizations. Whether it’s a product launch, talent procurement, influencer outreach or event marketing, PR DEPT has a simple philosophy for campaigns that speak to the world.

We believe in exceeding expectations.

We aim to go beyond creating meaningful exposure for every client. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience while crafting brand narratives that connect with people and drive business.

We believe that your success is our success.

By living and breathing the brands we represent, we are committed to understanding and fulfilling all of their goals.

We believe in forward thinking.

Where others think short term for breaking through today, we go further by thinking ahead. Our passion for traditional and social media gives us a deep understanding of how to be relevant right now – but we also research and listen for the most effective course of action for tomorrow.

We believe in keeping good company.

When we make friends, we keep them. Our extensive network of the most influential media, taste makers, and talent representatives in the industry opens doors that others simply cannot.


Successful publicity campaigns created for the following clients:

It’s an honor and a privilege to work with many high-profile brands and organizations that share our passion for creating great work throughout the years across entertainment, technology, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, wellness, philanthropy and social impact.

PR Dept Client Roster


Define the brand

Successful communication starts with a deep understanding of a brand. Through an internal evaluation, we will assess the state of your business, core values, and the vision our communication strategy will bring to life.

Celebrity seeding & influential partnerships

Whether you are launching a product, brand, or even new packaging, our invaluable connections can help create strategic influencer and celebrity partnerships and engagement with the right audience.

Strategic public relations

We don’t just pitch blindly through outdated media lists. We believe in maintaining relationships with key people and properly following up for the best results.

Multicultural Marketing and DEI Campaigns

As a BIPOC owned business, we’ve always seen the world through a unique perspective. We bring that insight to creative, compelling and effective campaigns spotlighting minority communities and raising awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Custom campaigns

PR is not one-size-fits-all and our approach is uniquely customized for each individual client and project. We work best and yield the most results when we work in tandem with the client and operate under full transparency so that we can identify key moments and brand partnerships that are press-worthy, unique and exciting.

Think long term

We integrate your brand into cultural flashpoints today, but we also create a plan for tomorrow. We give you a blueprint and tools to adapt quickly in the ever-changing cultural landscape.

Navigate the digital world

Online and social media never slows down, and we know how to keep up. Our team has a deep understanding of how to strategically navigate various social media platforms and where to place digital communications in order to effectively reach your target audience.

Creating Influence

We set clients up to make a memorable appearance by creating a unique strategy for every event. By procuring celebrity guests, creative pre-press and social media we create an air of exclusivity that transforms any occasion into one that can’t be missed.

Integrated partnerships

From film premieres to music festivals, we help you find the most effective integration and sponsorship opportunities to help your brand rise above the noise during any event.


Located in the heart of Los Angeles

Like what you see? Interested in working with us? Get to know us better, email us at [email protected] or call us at 323.556.3100.

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