About This Leading Entertainment & Lifestyle Public Relations Firm

Founder Chet Mehta and his team bring over twenty years of experience to PR DEPT, a leading entertainment and lifestyle boutique pr firm located in Los Angeles known for executing creative and meaningful publicity campaigns for a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle brands and organizations. Whether it’s a product launch, talent procurement, influencer outreach or event marketing, PR DEPT has a simple philosophy for campaigns that speak to the world.

We believe in exceeding expectations.

We aim to go beyond creating meaningful exposure for every client. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience while crafting brand narratives that connect with people and drive business.

We believe that your success is our success.

By living and breathing the brands we represent, we are committed to understanding and fulfilling all of their goals.

We believe in forward thinking.

Where others think short term for breaking through today, we go further by thinking ahead. Our passion for traditional and social media gives us a deep understanding of how to be relevant right now – but we also research and listen for the most effective course of action for tomorrow.

We believe in keeping good company.

When we make friends, we keep them. Our extensive network of the most influential media, taste makers, and talent representatives in the industry opens doors that others simply cannot.